Message From The Founder of Child and Family Services

Our Story

Child and Family Services, Inc.


Ravon Barnes the founder of Child and Family Services Inc. started his human services career as a child care provider at First Presbyterian Church Child Development Center in Charlotte, N.C. After his daughter was born and diagnosed with cerebral palsy he became a parent trying to find resources to aid in enhancing life and providing the basic care his daughter needed. This lead him to United Cerebral Palsy Child Development Center in Charlotte N.C., although his daughter was not accepted at first because of a 3 year waiting list, he was later recruited, by United Cerebral Palsy Child Development Center to become a child care provider, which allowed his daughter to attend the school. This position was a crucial learning experience for him and his family. Eventually he saw the need to be an in home daycare provider so he could better accommodate the schedule of his growing family and assist others with their need for childcare services. 

While working over a decade in the human service field whether in childcare or providing respite care for families who were caring for physically and developmentally challenged family members, he noticed these families were not aware of the resource of information and links to services available to them in North Carolina. His solution to this problem was to gather a group of committed volunteers and form Child and Family Services, Inc., whose mission is to empower children, adolescents, and adults by identifying cumulative resources of information and linking them to the community services, programs and other supportive agencies available in their community. Child and Family Services, Inc. works very hard to connect children and families to their community resources by providing resources of information to facilitate development and productivity by encouraging and empowering children and families to become fully functioning members of society.

The organization is currently in the strategic planning stages. Our board has researched best practices, evidence-based interventions that are proven to empower inner city low-income persons and a community as whole.We have taken grant writing training and have developed many community partnerships in order to prevent duplication of services. We also have a cadre of professionals to serve in an advisory capacity as we move forward with our planned interventions.

We currently host focus groups in targeted communities to gather input from those we plan to serve as we continue to seek funding, to make our services free and available to all that desire to attend. We are currently identifying Private, Federal, state and foundation grants to support these community based intervention services. We currently host our services at Ultimate Sports and Wellness Complex located at 500 West 32nd Street Charlotte, N.C. 28206, until we are awarded the proper funding needed to secure a location that would allow us to continue to serve the State of North Carolina. We advertise our services to the entire community.